Raw files

raw files and why we don’t give them away

We don’t give out our RAW files. We don’t know any photographers who do.

Raw files are proprietary image file formats created by high end digital cameras. These files have not been interpolated by in-camera software and as such still contain all the data captured by the camera’s photosensitive chip at the moment of exposure. They cannot be read or displayed by anything other than dedicated imaging software. We use them for the immense flexibility they give us in preparing the highest quality delivery images. For those of you familiar with film the raw file’s closest analog is the negative – can’t be used as a communication tool on it’s own, needs specialist equipment and knowledge to get the best result, can cause offence when asked for!

Raw file conversion and final file preparation forms an important part of our business.

We pride ourselves on our high standard of file prep. The images that leave our studio are ones we know will maintain our good reputation.

Our experience runs the gamut of output scenarios, and includes work for a range of clients from very fussy artwork reproduction to involved retouching for advertising. We work in a daylight-free colour balanced environment on regularly calibrated Eizo monitors. (Eizo is code for “the best”)

We have seen way too many expensive mistakes made by people who believe they know what they’re doing on equipment they think is up to the job to trust anyone else with our file prep.

If there are particular issues or concerns you have from past experience working with other photographers we’d be happy to hear them. We’d hope they’re not problems that we’re guilty of – but you never know.

If there is a particular look and feel you’re chasing we’re more than happy to be briefed by your art director or have them come to the studio whilst we prep the files. If the look and feel is clean and natural then I suggest in the first instance that we prep files as per normal. There’s a very good chance that you will be more than happy with the result.