Digital Slide Mount

About the Acorn Digital Slide Mount (DSM)

We put a single grey border at the bottom of all our final files. Oh, you’d noticed already? There are still a few old buggers around who remember what a slide mount is. Out of some kind of misguided respect for a bygone era we named it after a square of plastic that it doesn’t really bear any resemblance to. Anyway all the information encoded therein has been derived from metadata embedded in the image file. The border contains only a subset of the metadata; captioning information that is useful to publishers as well as licensing information pertinent to all end users, model names, locations and photo credit information.

A path is embedded in the image. This path acts as a “clipping path” in professional desk top publishing applications. The clipping path crops the DSM out of the image. We believe it’s important that the DSM remains as part of the image for as long as possible – please don’t remove it unless you really really have to.

Eliminating the Acorn Photo Digital Slide Mount

Clicking on the link below will download a zip file to your default download folder. This zip file is an archive of a folder containing two files; a Photoshop .atn action file and a Photoshop droplet.

Place the droplet on your desktop. Dragging files or folders of files onto the droplet and the Photoshop ‘Remove_Acorn_Border’ action will be performed. The file or files will be left open and unsaved in Photoshop. Caution should be exercised using the droplet with more than, say, half a dozen image files.

Alternatively, load the Photoshop action file from within Photoshop by clicking ‘Load Actions’ from the menu in the ‘Actions’ palette and selecting the file. The action can be activated by opening the relevant image file and clicking play with the new action selected. As with the droplet the file will remain open in photoshop and unsaved.

Photoshop is an expensive bit of kit. The big difference between it and its cheaper sibling Elements and competitors Pixelmator and Acorn is the scripting available in Actions. If you need to use this action often you should use the batch function. Choose File/Automate/Batch in Photoshop, select the action, the source folder and destination folder.

If all this seems beyond one, just use the crop tool in your image processing app of choice.
The zip file linked to below contains the action and also a Photoshop droplet of the action.

Acorn border removal download link

This zip file contains the border removal action as well as two actions that make the images web ready. These actions remove the border, change them to sRGB and downsize to either 1280 or 1920 pixels wide.

Acorn Photo Basic Photoshop Action Pack.atn Acorn Photo basic photoshop action pack