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Nov 12th 2014 Achieving Zenfolio Ch’i

Nov 27th 2014 Achieving Zenfolio Ch’i

Unaccustomed as we are…

Yes we know our forté is behind the lens, not the lectern. All the same we sense a desire in our clients and friends, yea, a thirst for knowledge about all things modern and digital. (We also sense a more general thirst which we’ll cater for with beer, wine and softies). We love sharing our toys and quite frankly we’ll feel a whole lot better if we can get some of this stuff out of our heads. Anyway, this is what you can expect to hear about…

Achieving Zenfolio Ch’i

We fell in love with Zenfolio a couple of  years ago when we had to replace our existing delivery service. Zenfolio is matched to our commercial photography workflow better than any other online delivery service we’ve seen. It isn’t just great for us; Zenfolio is where it’s at for our clients. Come along and see your asset management future. Green tea will be served.

If you’re signing up for Zenfolio use the referral code BZE-D77-2AV for a discount (we get a $5.00 kickback, just so you know)

An Introduction to Digital Asset Management

Image data, what it is and how to avoid losing it.
We’ll introduce you to the key concepts around storage and cataloguing your images.
If you have an Information Management department in your organisation ask them along.

Post Production at Acorn Photo

What on Earth happens to the images once the photographer leaves the shoot?
Oh. We were hoping you could help us find out! Major software and hardware upgrades in the last year have streamlined our workflow almost beyond human comprehension.

Documenting Artwork

This seminar is geared to artists’ needs but anyone is welcome.
We’ll talk through correct colour, good exposure, dealing with reflections and resolution.

Seminar Notes

Art Documentation Keynote Slides and Notes