2012 Black Swan Programme

Dog knows why but we’ve been a bit slow off the mark mentioning this work. It’s the second year we’ve been involved with Black Swan State Theatre Company. Once again we worked with the crack team; Geoff Bickford and Ester Lee from Dessein and Nancy Hackett from Black Swan.
As per, the work presented us with plenty of creative and technical challenges. Challenges we rrrrrrelish!
Tom O'€™Sullivan and Yutaka Izumihara in the play White Divers
Dessein and the Swan get us involved us early in peace so we had plenty of input into locations and timing. Pre-visualisation of the images and superb (yes!) forward planning meant that all of the shoots were completed in under two hours.David Williamson’s new play, “Managing Carmen”, a comedy about a cross dressing footballer, is premiering in Perth late 2012. Actor Michael Drysdale Managing Carmen, a comedy by David Williamson about a cross dressing footblaller  2012
Tim Winton’s second play, “Signs of Life” starring Helen Morse is being premiered by Black Swan. We love working with daylight and other existing and unpredictable sources. Four of the six images were shot under daylight, ranging from “White Divers'” hard sunlight to dusk supplemented by a single battery powered flash and stairway lighting for “Boy Meets Girl”Signs of life was shot in the few minutes following sunset. Skylight is again supplemented by a single portable flash. Helen Morse George Shevtsov and Pauline Whyman Signs of Life
Life can be hard for photogs on the 32nd parrallel – the magic hour lasts a scant 10-20 minutes! Stoppard’s Arcadia was the toughest shoot. With a location that was an hour and a bit out of town and, prior to shoot day, had only been scouted by the producer we didn’t have much contingency. So some major league nail-biting was in order when the car carrying actor Andrew McFarlane and Black Swan’s Kate Cherry broke down en-route. This image was nailed only a few minutes before the sun crashed to the deck. Rebecca Davis Andrew McFarlane Whitney Richards in ARCADIA
“Boy Gets Girl”. Boy of the title is a stalker. This was shot round dusk at the State Theatre Centre (the stairs are the way to Black Swan’s front door). Boy meets Girl
Aidan Fennessey’s National Interest,  re-examines the events of October 1975 that saw five Australian journalists killed in Balibo. The play is set in a kitchen as June, a mother of one of the Balibo 5, and her daughter Jane, re-open some old wounds.We invaded the kitchen at Dessein for this shot. The single light source for this image is the graphics projector set a little off camera to create some shadow and texture. Julia Blake as June in Black Swan State Theatre Company's 2012 production of National Interest