Acorn Photo Covid-19 Protocols

All Acorn Photo staff are in the process of completing the Federal Government Covid-19 Infection Control Training. To be frank, it's pretty simple but it does ensure that everyone has a solid understanding of the fundamental hygiene requirements to prevent the spread of the virus. Our certificates are at the bottom of this page.

From April 2020 we will observe the basic protocols of coughing or sneezing into elbows or disposable tissues, frequent hand washing and personal distancing in line with Health Dept regulations.

In addition we will have sanitiser, wipes, face masks, safety glasses and nitrile gloves available at every shoot. The loo roll count is currently 28.

Studio and office surfaces and door hardware (that's 'crisis polite' for 'knobs') are being regularly cleaned and our bathrooms are stocked with pump soap and single use towels. (This crisis business does seem to involve an awful lot of disposables - we're using small towels, a laundry bin and a washing machine instead)

The Covid-19 virus lives for relatively short periods on surfaces. If gear hasn’t been touched or breathed on in 24 hours, it’s almost certainly safe; at 72 hours, you can delete the 'almost'.

The camera is the only piece of equipment that needs to be near a face - risk will be mitigated by having only one person handle camera bodies.

Where necessary equipment will be sanitised prior to a shoot. During a shoot equipment will only be handled by Acorn staff, including the shoot laptop. (We can serve images to your own local mobile device - just ask!)

For further reading there is a thorough discussion of equipment sanitising at Lensrentals.