Added an Instagram Feed

S’all about the feeding at Acorn. Mostly it’s just us gorging ourselves on the finest that Jean Claude has to offer. Lately We’ve addicted ourselves rather thoroughly to the ice-creams of the mind that everybody’s favourite startup, Instagram, has on the menu.

Everything about Instagram images engages the most rockin’ of our sensibilities – Nostalgia. The square format, so loved by those of us who’ve indulged in 126 Instamatic ownership, the filters that tap directly into our parent’s family photo albums. Don’t get us started on Hasselblads, Cokin filters and contact sheets. The makeshift darkrooms of our teenage years are flashing before our eyes! (and noses).

Chef James Collins of OM4 alerted us this morning to their implementation of an instagram feed which we’ve immediately given pride o’ place on our blog page – eyes left!