Adrian Lambert buggers off

Bad news folks; Adrian is leaving us. It’s nothing personal (or so he assures me!) rather an alignment of family factors that is too hard to ignore. And timing is of the essence, he and Helen are heading back to Blighty ahead of the birth of their second child.

Adrian has been with us for yonks – like all great histories the exact date of our meeting is lost to the mists of time, let’s just say it was about a decade and a half ago. He started at Acorn as an broom wielding, tea making, scum sucking assistant. He will leave as a photographer pure and simple. A photographer whose technical skills are matched by his sensitive creative aesthetic.

Most people we’ve told about the “change”, as we’re calling it, have been lost for words. A couple of them managed to sputter out something that decoded to “what in blazes are you going to do?!” Our old mate John H. Browne texted in this comment; “Why?”

Tragically at this writing these questions remain essentially unanswered. On Jan 20th we’re having a send off, if we don’t know any more by then we’ll just make something up. Drop us a line if you’d like to be there.

Oh yeah, comments are on, please leave any wishes and reminiscences here.

Adrian Lambert

Adrian Lambert checks out his prospects in the northern hemishere