Afternoon shoot at Zekka

We reckon it’s one of the best retail interiors in Perth, a beautifully executed balancing act; some corners feel as though the tradies have just downed tools for smoko (there’s no sense that they’re coming back though). The shoe and bag rooms have a strangely timeless private museum vibe, you know, the sort of private museum curated by a character from Dickens. Sculptures and wall works by Andrew Nicholls take the edge off the glass and steel, hot chocolate (yes, coffee too) takes the edge off the shopper.

We photographed Romina and Conors’ Mount Lawley homewares shopette Test Tube when it opened a few years ago. They’ve since occupied an ex-bar/gallery space in the northern part of King Street in the city from which they’re serving up a delicious mix of edge-mode noir fashion and café fare.

Anyone familiar with the jewel-like Test Tube is in for a surprise and a treat.
Zekka is a sprawling arcade of tonal contrasts. Natural light spills into the café, filters into the store and is supplemented with industrial fittings and sparkling 70’s feel designer shades.

Zekka 76 King Street Perth
Inside Zekka
Zekka 76 King Street Perth Zekka