Forrest Chase


Forrest Chase, one of Perth’s biggest retail shopping malls, is home to Myer, as well as 40 other fashion and lifestyle stores. With latest fashions and accessories, unique specialty stores and fab food outlets, Forrest Chase was looking to promote itself as providing the ultimate shopping experience in the heart of the City of Perth.

Winter 2005 was the first time Forrest Chase had produced a direct mail catalogue and the results talk their little socks off; an average increase in sales in the specialty stores of 20% with some going as high as 45%. An award was even won; the Consumer Trade/Advertising Award and overall Highest Commendation award for centres between 30,000 and 45,000 sqm in the Property Council of Australia’s Blue Max Awards 2005.

Styling and design of the catalogue is geared to fashion conscious women in the 16-35 age bracket. Some pics from the winter 2005 catalogue were shot as two page spreads involving up to 6 models on a light grey cyclorama especially painted for the occasion.

As with all great things there’s a host of people without whom it simply wouldn’t happen; Tamara Day from Forrest Chase is our kind of client, hands on and very tuned in to the detail and look of the final product. Styling and co-ordination Liz Carberry Design and Art Direction, Paul Thompson at Meerkats. Winter models, Gemma, Holly, Cindy, David, Kat all from Scene and Alex from Chadwicks, Summer models Lauren, Allegra and Mo from Viviens, Emma, Holly and Zac from Scene.
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