Get the Scoop on 2020

…Had a cherry of a shoot a few weeks ago and really wanted to share it. Now that the Spring edition of Scoop is hot off the press, I’m able to lift the lid on what was a blindingly fun series of sessions with some of Western Australia’s finest thinkers and do-ers. 

These and a few other pics sit behind interviews about the hopes, dreams and vision of these fine folks for a betterer Western Australia by the year 2020.

When approached by the chaps and chapesses at Scoop, they had this great idea for a natural looking window lit photoshoot in a lovely old studio, unfortunately that’s not ours, not that ours ain’t a damn fine piece of space mind, but I really wanted it to still have a natural thing going on so I set my cogs winding.

I wanted the reader to see hints of studio equipment, to get a sense of sincerity that would contrast with some studio artifice. Art Gallery of WA Director Stefano Carboni looks nonplussed about his missing arm and architect Gemma Smith is waiting for her ride into the future at a bus-stop-in-the-studio. If you’re a good looking bloke with a face that can tell a story like CEO of the Aboriginal Legal Service of WA, Dennis Eggington, then that may be all that’s needed for a mighty pic.

2020 Vision portrait of Bradley Woods of Australia Hotels Association.
2020 Vision portrait of Dennis Egginton CEO of Aboriginal Legal Service. The most interesting part of the behind the scene’s process was the book that Professor Samina Yasmeen, Director of Centre for Muslim States and Societies, is holding. The arabic script is translated from the title of the Peter Allen song, “emoH ailartsuA llaC llitS I”. You got that, right?. 

Samina didn’t want the script to appear as a label for herself or people that have immigrated, but as the title of the book. I hoped it might hold some interest as it may well be the first time some people had seen how the word “Australia” appears in Arabic script. Thanks Langford Islamic College, in particular Sh. Muhammad Agherdien, for kindly translating and writing it out for me.

Good on yer Darren Smith, for your fine assisting, not to mention your idea to have eco-educator and hotelier Sharni Graham shovel soil across our studio. Even bigger good-on-yers for cleaning it up thirty-odd times! 

So if you want to see the Hon Brendon Grylls MLA shouting his head off at me, Tim Kenworthy, a 21yr old CEO standing on his hands, not to mention a few other interesting peeps, drop into your local caff, order yourself a decaf flat white with 1 big sugar if you are like me and have a nosey through Scoop issue 57 Spring 2011.

2020 Vision portrait of Gemma Smith, Architect at Hocking Heritage Studio.
Still reading? OK, let’s play a game. One of the sitters was upgraded to business class, so to speak, and doesn’t appear in this feature. Instead he has his own feature in the next edition of Scoop. I’ll give the first person to pick it a sweetie if they comment. 😉 2020 Vision portrait of Stefano Carboni, Director of the Art Gallery of Western Australia