Helping the Devil

“Devil of a Cookbook” is the brainchild of Tasmanian chef Fiona Hoskin. TBH I don’t know her from Adam. Actually, I would probably know her from that Adam but, ahhhk, don’t distract me… I’m hungry…

Tetsuya's Marinated Lobster Tail with Bread Salad and Avocado SoupDevil of a Cookbook

Many of the recipes are contributions from Thermomix users and demonstrators, taste tested and refined in kitchens across this wide brown land. Tetsuya Wakuda contributed a number of recipes including the sinfully succinct Marinated Lobster Tail with Bread Salad and Avocado Soup (above) (yum).

Thermomix is the insanely great German made hybrid cooker cum blender that’s boggling the minds of foodies all over the damn place. “Devil of a Cookbook” is the latest in a line of their wicked publications. It represents a new direction for them. One could say they turned over a new leaf. Under Becky “high-priestess-of-type” Chilcott’s benediction this title takes Thermomix into “proper” cookbook territory. That means cookbooks that look at home in western suburbs bookshops and kitchens (or eastern ‘burbs, depending which side of the country you hail from).

more tucker than you can poke a stick at

Fundraiser <- there's a big word. Apart from being host to recipes from a diverse bunch of foodies, Thermomix distinguishes itself by using this title to raise some folding for the Devil Island Project. This is NOT a satanic cult people, or a pirate playground. It’s about sorting out the shocking contagious cancer that’s ripping the Tassie Devil population to shreds. Get on board. All proceeds go to the project. Forty bucks, click here. now

Gold plated Turkish Delight anyone?

Real Fuit Jellies