Jo Sharp Knitwear

Jo Sharp is one of the world’s most recognised knitwear designers, selling knitwear pattern books and yarns in three continents and two hemispheres, and she’s based right here in Freo!

We’ve shot half a dozen books for Jo over the pasat couple of years. Her latest ‘Eclectic’ has been an international hit with knitters so we thought we’d better share it with you.

Eclectic takes it’s visual cues from the orient, or at least from the Victorian English Orient. Lady Luch was present on the day of the shoot and when we cracked ajar the front door of the Fremantle shoot location an air of mystery wafted in.

Here’s a preview of “Saturday”, a book of summer knits due to be published in October. Locations around downtown Freo were all checked in advance by Jo. That’s not all she checks; Jo and Bronia Richards are so organised ahead of shhot day that we cover a phenomenal nmber of garment and still life set-ups, normally shooting an entire book in one day.

Both “Saturday” and “Eclectic” were shot on location in Fremantle. Models are Elizabeth, Ros, Stephanie, Kristy and Mia. Styling and art direction by Jo Sharp and Bronia Richards.

Slake your thirst for winter (and summer) woolens; check out Jo’s site.

Jo Sharp Knitwear