Spreading green goodness with Josh Byrne

We first came across “JB” a few years back whilst working for Gardening Australia Magazine. Our work was capturing the essence of the TV pieces for the print publication. Anyone who has worked alongside a film crew will know that the photographer is way way down the food chain and must patiently wait their turn for a brief audience with the star lest they spoil any precious audio.

The work is a lot of “hurry up and wait” interspersed with short bursts of very focussed photography. The relaxed feel of these images belies the large amount of observation, foresight and planning needed to execute each one in the few minutes allowed.

Josh Byrne - the green gardener
Ladybird Backyard chooks
The success of that work led to Josh recommending Adrian to Penguin Australia when penning his first book, “The Green Gardener” now in it’s umpteenth edition. For the book, Josh laid out modern permaculture principals for a suburban residential block in a simple easy to digest literary journey interspersed, bien sur, with some rather lovely photographs to illustrate the process, results and to show examples of the sorts of plants and designs one might employ in the quest of suburban green goodness.

Over the years, we’ve all become more than just associates, hard not to with Josh’s easy going and friendly nature combined with his passion for an approach to living that we at Acorn are all in sympathy with. Nonetheless, Adrian was flattered to be asked to Photograph Josh and his partner’s wedding, what a great day! …and where else but in Josh and Kell’s thriving (even in the heat of summer) garden.

Back in 2006 we photographed Josh’s mum Ros and stepfather, artist Ian de Souza’s home in Freo. If you have access to back issues check out Insite issue 10 for one of the most mind blowing properties we’ve come across, not to mention a glimpse of Ian’s bottom in his outdoor bathroom!

Recently we’ve been working on timelapse movies of a project Josh’s consultancy has brained for the East Perth Redevelopment Authority; the Urban Orchard and Wetlands parts of the Perth Cultural Centre makeover. Keep an eye out for a post on that work soon.

in the vege patch