Museums of Rural Tasmania

We went to Tasmania not so long ago. Tasmania has a justifiably good reputation for it’s wilderness, well for the bits they’re not busy chopping down. Rocky gorges, remote windswept mountain tops, the outdoors in it’s untamed, chaotic and breathtaking glory. You’ve already seen those pictures though.
What has been overlooked in the years since the Leyland Brothers scurried hither and yon across this wide brown land are the interior spaces of Tasmania particularly those dedicated to yesteryear.
Museum is not a big word. Not as big as Heritage Centre. The difference surely lies in whether or not one’s institution can afford a conservator or not. Or perhaps a curator. Heritage Centres may be better off without them – I mean would you see shelves of quietly dessicating apples or a pair of shoes with a toe cut off in a museum?

Apple Museum, Huonville

Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre