Paganin House by Iwan Iwanoff

In case you haven’t heard this Floreat landmark caught fire last night and is in pretty bad shape. I will forever think of this house as the Fini house. Adrian I shot there at least three times during the Fini years, including a memorable winter fashion shoot for Perth retailers of yore, Aherns, on a 42° day.

I thought I’d share some shots from two visits we made for magazines. Angles were somewhat limited on our first visit as the Finis hadn’t long owned it and were still in the process of making some changes. The second shoot scored Adrian the cover of InSite Magazine a few years ago. The fashion shots will have to wait – they’re on film, no scans to hand.

You can read more about the house here.





Iwan Iwanoff designed home

Iwan Iwanoff designed home