The old quarter of Geraldton at first blush appears to have been mostly built in the era of the Sandman, fondue parties and Sherbet (Howzat!). The wind blows all winter from the west and all summer from the east – “a mecca for windsurfers” claims the tourist bureau site hopefully.

Things are changing though. Infrastructurey things, like getting the railway off the town’s foreshore, and having Cox Architects design a museum appropriate for the wreck of the Batavia.

For those who choose to drive, the two routes there from Perth are dotted with fascinating examples of Western Australian colonial history, not to mention a fair bounty of natural history.

Two of W.A.’s great literary exports hail from “Gero”, Randolph Stow and Tim Winton.

A short detour will take you through Elizabeth Jolley country; the ornate and rather incongruous Spanish mission town of New Norcia

We will admit that the photographic pickings were slightly less ripe than is usual. However, 3 days of eagle-eyed roving with writer Josh Wilson in tow proved more than enough for our personal favourites from the Qantas magazine road trips.