San Cisco in Treadlie Magazine

Fellow pilots of human powered vehicles in Australia will have noticed that until a couple of years ago our newsstands catered only to the mountain bikers and two wheeled race fans. Treadlie is the bike mag for the rest of us; commuters, e-bikers, weekend cruisers, polo nuts and, it would seem, a surprisingly large proportion of the Oz music scene.

Treadlie commissioned Acorn to shoot half of Freo sensation San Cisco for issue 10. (Which is on the aforesaid newsstands as we speak.)
Eschewing the usual street scene / café for something with a bit more local colour we convened at Freo’s North Mole with it’s “port” lighthouse providing essential seaside authenticity. KP drove the camera car, Josh and Nick shredded skinny rubber, Rob pressed the shiny black button and kept stuff vaguely in focus, soft skylight by your chosen deity.

Here’s how it looked in the mag, there’s how it looked before the gutter hit the lighthouse, down below are some out-takes. Stay safe.

Treadlie Magazine San Cisco story

San Cisco-an's Josh Biondillo and Nick Gardner riding Noth Mole

San Cisco-ans Josh Biondillo and Nick Gardner riding Noth Mole

San Cisco outtake