shout, shout, let it all out


Been a while since we’ve had the energy to send an email blast. We’ve launched a new website and switched to a new blast provender since we did it last. And we’ve been filling in our spare time doing a spot of photography too!
Watching the stats come in for a relatively little campaign reminds one of all the help needed to make it happen.
There’s the gang at the nuthouse keeping the writhing database tamed and updated. Thanks Shirley, Adrian, Darren, Jack and Henry!
Then there’s Mrs Graffin, designer to the starstruck who whipped up our beautiful trio of templates (subscribe and collect the whole set).
Glenn, Judy and James at OM4 brought the whole shebang to virtuality with their usual patented blend of patience and panache.
John Browne, despite his retiring nature, will not escape mention. Those who know him will understand why. Those who don’t have their research cut out for them. This time Gen Y kiddies, Mr Google ain’t gonna help ya.
Anyway you can check it out here. If ya like the look of it sign up. We got more wild infotainment comin’ your way. If you like …

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