Roscommon House

Roscommon House

Project: Roscommon House by Neil Cownie

Date: 2018

Team: Rob Frith (photographer),
Tom Clifton (assistant)

Perth architect Neil Cownie has an interest in brutalist design that borders on obsession. In a good way mind you.

Styling cues for his recent Roscommon House have been taken from the boldly graphic modernist buildings of 1960's that are dotted around the Perth suburb of Floreat.

The roof forms in particular are a nod to the Forbes and Fitzhardinge (Tony Brand) off-form concrete kiosks and changerooms built in 1970 at Floreat Beach. Indoors the generous use of timber and placement of the kitchen at the centre of the house echo the West's most name checked exponent of modernism, Iwan Iwanoff.

The single story north elevation and sunken garage make for a modest street presence. Pocket courtyards break up the house, allowing for good solar penetration in winter and ready access to the sea breeze in summer.