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Adventure Beckons!

Darren Smith

Darren Smith

After four years Darren, erstwhile assistant and ideas guy here at the studio, is joining the ever swelling ranks of Acorn alumni.

A native of Virginia, USA, Darren came to us via Boston, New York and France. He’s now headed for the bright lights of Amsterdam (no, no, not the red ones you fools!) to further his global reach.

Darren’s irrepressible energy and creative urge will stand him in good stead in Europe.

Darren departs these shores at the beginning of February. We’re going to have a send off on January 21st. Drop us a line if you’d like to come along.

Introducing Mr. Smith

Perhaps you’ve already met. Darren’s been with us on a casual basis for just over a year. Having now passed the crucial and gruelling Acorn tests; file prep quality, tea prep quality and ECM (it’s a label, look it up) jazz comprehension he’s joined us full time.
To the right is an image of the Smith in question. Even rendered in moody monochome you’ll agree that his colourful character is to the fore. Below a humble, and somewhat over-ripe, pear, arrested in it’s decay by Darren. Expect to see more of his photography appearing in these pages over time