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Darren Smith – A Thousand Facets

Some time ago I was approached by sound artist Leah Blankendaal to collaborate with her on an installation based around distortions and refractions. Our ad hoc coffee shop manifesto nailed down one absolute: both of us wanted the exhibition to be experienced in fantastic reality, rather than virtual reality.

This series carries a culmination of interests for me. I love pure aesthetics. I love science. This falls somewhere in the middle, and while produced using digital media the results are absurdly analogue. Here’s a taster to take the edge off  Monday. You’ll have to make your presence felt at Kurb Gallery to complete the set and to absorb the sound component.

Opening night is 6pm Saturday Sept. 21st 2013 at Kurb GalleryA Thousand Facets runs from September 21st to 27th.



Dining setting by Adam Cruickshank.

Adam Cruickshank Woodcraft Design

You know we love to post about exotic locations and crazed crocodile fighting maniacs but some of the best stories are right under our noses. Check this – just amazing hand crafted furniture. Adam Cruickshank’s designs are always a real pleasure for us to have in the studio. On his last trip to the ‘smoke he was introduced our new home on Hamersley Road taking pics for his then upcoming exhibition. There are always challenges photographing furniture. The first is actually for Adam, as everything is semi-deconstructed, wrapped up and loaded into a van. Then it’s trucked from Dwellingup up to see us. In the rain. From there one of the main challenges (after getting some of the larger pieces through the door) is resisting photographing every possible angle. Working with shape, form and light is one of the most rewarding aspects of studio based photography. Just watching Adam’s pieces respond as we played with light on the surfaces was fascinating.

I went down to see the sights and society at Adam’s exhibition opening at Square Peg in Fremantle. His catalogue, a nifty little green fold-out piece designed by Judy from Paco, is chock full of supersized postcards. Seeing how our pictures are used out in the real world is (almost) always gratifying.

Go check it out yourself. Adam Cruickshank’s exhibition is on at Squarepeg, 17b Blinco Street, Fremantle until September 9 2012.

Dining setting by Adam Cruickshank.

Adam Cruickshank's groovy mailer

Adam’s groovy mailer

Adam Cruickshank's Exhibition opening at Square Peg August 2012

The opening at Squarepeg