Better late than never

Red Meets Blue offices

Red Meets Blue offices

About this time last year Rob and I popped down the street to the Red Meets Blue offices to photograph their interior fitout. At the time, Rob said, “These images would make a great blog post.” Then we forgot about it – until yesterday.

I rediscovered these whilst trawling our back catalogue for the past year for a folio update. Rob, flicking through some of the prepped materials said, “You know, these images would make a great blog post.” Total déjà vu

We strarted at Red Meets Blue late in the afternoon and were there well into the evening. John Ciniquina has created an inspiring lofty space full of playful details to work with. It’s always a joy working collaboratively so the fact that the RmB team had strong ideas about the shot content and styling was a boon.

Originally two separate offices, RmB knocked out one wall to convert the two into a single office space. Loads of room, great wooden surfaces, polished concrete floors… it reminded me a lot of the offices I’d been to in New York and I have to admit I’m a little jealous.

Speaking of New York, look carefully in one of the wide shots and you can see the one of John’s own Diana Camera images, of what looks like Midtown, used as wallpaper. Anyway, here are the images… one year later. But better late than never, right?