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Perth Arena

If part of the function of Perth Arena’s freak yachting accident exterior is to excite public debate it must be judged a success. Like an in-your-face youth with unresolved childhood issues and a new tattoo, its lumbering slab sides are confrontational and immediately polarising. Perhaps as the landscape around it changes over the next decade…

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Adam Cruickshank Woodcraft Design

Dining setting by Adam Cruickshank.

You know we love to post about exotic locations and crazed crocodile fighting maniacs but some of the best stories are right under our noses. Check this – just amazing hand crafted furniture. Adam Cruickshank’s designs are always a real pleasure for us to have in the studio. On his last trip to the ‘smoke…

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Better late than never

About this time last year Rob and I popped down the street to the Red Meets Blue offices to photograph their interior fitout. At the time, Rob said, “These images would make a great blog post.” Then we forgot about it – until yesterday. I rediscovered these whilst trawling our back catalogue for the past year for a…

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