Pippin Drysdale – WA State Living Treasure

Pippin Drysdale working on a vessel in the spray booth at her Fremantle studio

Pip in her Freo studio

How cool is that? Pip’s work has been recognised, awarded and collected worldwide. She was made a Master of Australian Craft in 2008 and now she’s been recognised here in WA as a State Living Treasure.

Pip’s status as a treasure has been well known to us since we started photographing her works almost 20 years ago! The WA Department of Culture and the Arts penned bio hints at Pip’s outgoing personality.

What the DCA doesn’t tell you anything about is Pip’s amazing talent with curries, so many of which we’ve enjoyed on shoot day lunch breaks. Or the way the radio is always on in the studio, more often than not tuned to the cricket or footy. Or that the delicate, calm works you see below are products of a joyous creative maelstrom consisting of visits and phone calls from a small army of wonderful assistants, friends and family with Pip at it’s centre.

Pip Drysdale Tanami Mapping 2 Porcelain Vessels

Pip Drysdale, Autumn Haze Australian Embassy Show Feb 9 2010

Pippin Drysdale Tanami Traces Group

Detail Tanami Traces Series III, 2004, Artist Pip Drysdale