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Pippin Drysdale – WA State Living Treasure

How cool is that? Pip’s work has been recognised, awarded and collected worldwide. She was made a Master of Australian Craft in 2008 and now she’s been recognised here in WA as a State Living Treasure. Pip’s status as a treasure has been well known to us since we started photographing her works almost 20 years…

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Characters of the Kimberley

Five days in WA’s beautiful north west photographing four people for a character based tourism campaign – what could possibly go wrong? Here’s a clue. Cyclone. Lua. Day one went OK. If you don’t count the loss of a bag of light stands and a tripod. Claire the Client picked me up at the airport…

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Mad as Cut Snakes

There is always a simpler way of doing things. Sometimes it ain’t pretty but the further you are from the city, the less it seems to matter. In the “build-up” to the wet season in the Kimberley the days are long, hot and humid. Like the morning after a biggish night it’s kind of OK…

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